Prenatal care

If you are expecting a baby, we can provide caring support throughout your entire pregnancy with modern methods and special services. In our practice, we answer any questions expectant parents might have about pregnancy and birth in a calm and supportive atmosphere.

In addition to the usual medical screenings anchored in the German Maternity Guidelines, we offer additional diagnostics using ultrasound or blood tests. Dr Neisser and Dr Selten’s expertise in prenatal diagnostics allows them to follow the development of your child from the very beginning. Following a consultation, you can take advantage of all the possibilities of malformation screening if desired.

Pregnancy-related illnesses can often also be treated using natural methods such as acupuncture, phytotherapy or Kinesio taping. We work closely with midwives and orthopaedists for this. Planning for the birth takes place in consultation with your midwife and maternity clinic.